Out of town repairs


If you are from out of town and would like to send in your equipment for a repair estimate or service please fill out and include this repair form along with your equipment. If the estimate fee is required on your equipment you can include a check or we can arrange for payment via phone. 

Please send in only the equipment being serviced. Do not send the camera case or any unnecessary items. Make sure your equipment is well wrapped and packed tightly in a box approved for shipping. The box should allow for at least two inches of packing material around the equipment. Insuring your package prior to sending is a good idea should anything happen to the box in transit. 

You will be contacted once the camera is received and evaluated with an estimate for repair. If the estimate is approved, upon completion we will contact you to arrange for payment and return shipping. 

Shipping/Handling Fees
Digital SLR: $20
Compact Digital: $15
Medium Format (Body/Lenses): $20
35mm SLR: $15
35mm Point ‘n Shoot: $15
Lens: $15
Video: $15

Shipping and handling charges can vary depending on how much its insured for. We also cannot be held liable for lost or damaged items that were not insured by customers providing their own form of shipping.

Out of town repair form (38k PDF document)