Repair FAQs


Can you repair my camera equipment?
Depending on the make and model of camera you have, most of the time the answer is yes!  However, it may be possible that parts are limited or no longer available so we highly recommend contacting us before sending it in.  If we can’t repair it, we will try to recommend someone who can.  Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any of your photographic questions.

I’d like to have my CCD/CMOS sensor cleaned on my Digital SLR. What should I do?
We highly recommend that you DO NOT attempt to clean it yourself. For most new digital SLRs the replacement cost of a CCD/CMOS sensor in parts alone is nearly the original cost of the camera. For that reason we recommend shipping your equipment to us or dropping your equipment off. We are factory trained and we can safely remove those particles without damaging the CCD/CMOS sensor. If you would like to drop your equipment off, feel free to stop by any time during regular business hours. For same-day rush service please contact us to schedule an appointment. For same-day service we charge $65 and next-day service is $45.

How much are the shipping/handling fees?
Digital SLR: $20
Compact Digital: $15
Medium Format (Body/Lenses): $20
35mm SLR: $15
35mm Point ‘n Shoot: $15
Lens: $15
Video: $15

Shipping and handling charges can vary depending on how much its insured for. We also cannot be held liable for lost or damaged items that were not insured by customers providing their own form of shipping.

Will you provide me with an estimate before you begin the repair?
It is our policy that we provide an estimate before any repairs are started. In order to provide you with an accurate and fair price we examine each unit case by case. Once you receive your estimate (via phone, fax, e-mail or mail) you can accept or decline the estimate. If the actual cost of repair is less than originally estimated you will be charged only for the actual repair cost. For the time required to diagnose your equipment we charge a small non-refundable diagnostic fee up-front.

How much is the diagnostic fee?
Our diagnostic fees are only for out of warranty items. This amount is applied against the cost of repair if you choose to have your equipment repaired and pays for the time required to disassemble the equipment and diagnose the problem(s) and the parts required to repair your equipment.

Digital SLRs: $45
Compact Digital: $45
Medium Format (Body/Lenses): Free
35mm SLRs: Free
35mm Point ‘n Shoot: Free
Lenses: Free
Video: $45

How much will it cost to be repaired?
Depending on the type of equipment it varies quite a bit. It is nearly impossible to give you an accurate quote without a trained technician thoroughly examining your equipment. The customer is responsible for any shipping/handling and diagnostic fees. Please see above for our diagnostic fees.

How long will the repair take?
All repair times are subject to parts being in stock. Expensive parts usually must be ordered from the factory. Most warranty repairs are completed in 5-10 business days (depending on parts availability). After approval the repairs are completed as quickly as possible, usually 2-3 weeks. Please notify us in advance for Priority RUSH service.

Please notify us if your equipment needs to be completed before a given date. We will always try our best to return your equipment to you in a timely manner.